Hello. Let’s Get Healthy!

Hello my name is Tori and I am studying Nutrition in the Honors College at East Carolina University. During an interview with a woman from a non-profit organization called Freedom Family Foundation, I was offered an opportunity to teach a monthly nutrition class. The class was funded from a Vidant Health grant and has reached a diverse group of individuals and families. Most of my participants receive food from the Manna Food Bank and would have never had the chance to learn about nutrition without this grant. The class, with simultaneous Spanish translations,  includes a short, basic nutrition lesson, presentation of healthy recipe with the ingredients to make the meal for a family, and then a monthly challenge. Because of the positive response I wanted to share these monthly challenges and make it the core of this blog.

These challenges are small ways to adapt our everyday lifestyles that can have unbelievable impacts in overall health. The title of this blog is Big Changes through Small Challenges and I hope it inspires you to challenge yourself to strive for a healthier you! This is a 12 month health program that includes a unique lifestyle challenge for you to record daily, each month. We can create an uplifting community that is working together to make Big Changes through Small Challenges! Who is with me?

Michael Stanley once said:

“There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself.”



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