Healthy Weight Goals

Stepping on the scale can be one of the most discouraging beginnings to a healthier you. You take off your shoes, take a deep breath in, and pray that the number that appears between your toes won’t be as high as you think. The disheartening part, is that the number is always bigger than we ever imagine. I’m here to tell you that your weight does not define you. Wellness is not characterized by fat or skinny; skinny does not mean healthy, but neither does obese.

All of this being said, weight management is still very important. It is a well know fact that obesity is linked to extremely serious and deadly conditions including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, sleep apnea, and even some cancers. If you are overweight, then you should set a weight loss goal that could save your life. But how do I know if I’m overweight?

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a fairly accurate way of determining if you are the proper weight for your height. Below is a BMI for you to determine if you are considered in the healthy range.

Adult Women:                                                               Adult Men:

BMI-Chart-women BMI-Chart-For-Men


When setting healthy weight goals it is important to be realistic. You are not going to lose 20 pounds in one week, which is unlike what many of the dieting scams claim. Bottom line that is not healthy. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week. Interestingly, your body fluctuates about two pounds everyday, so when weighing pick the same time of the day.

My high school soccer coach always told me to make realistic goals and to tell them to someone. Finding an accountability partner and writing your goal down will be much more effective than keeping your goal a secret. Instead of your goal being a set number of pounds, aim for a healthy BMI. 

So now is the time! No more excuses. Make a healthy goal for yourself. We only get one body and one life, so set up to the challenge not only for your esteem, but for your longevity.

challenge quote



BMI Women’s Chart:

BMI Men’s Chart:

Challenge Quote:


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